About the toolkit

Using the CUTE toolkit, higher education institutions can define their own actions and roadmap to support the development of educator-specific digital competencies.

Based on the European DigCompEdu framework, the CUTE toolkit supports you to define actions to build your institutional strategies to help teachers boost their digital pedagogic competencies. By taking a top-down approach, the toolkit proposes ways to engage various stakeholders and supports rather than putting the entire burden on teachers to innovate and enhance their practice alone.

In the toolkit, you’ll find steps and tools for starting the process. Firstly, you can begin by analysing your institution. Next, you may decide to plan specific actions and assemble your roadmap to best enhance the digital competencies of educators at the stage they are currently at. If you want, you can use COMET to support your journey mapping digitally. Each step in the toolkit can be undertaken in sequence, or you may decide to use each stage on its own, as best serves your unique aims and purpose.

This toolkit was designed within the CUTE project.

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